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At the service of wine consumers, winegrowers and professionals wishing to promote the organic sector. Fermez les guillemets

Organiwine Provence is a company specialized in the prospecting, selection, purchase, sale and representation of organic and natural wines from Provence, founded in 2019 by a team of restaurateurs / sommeliers Guillaume Pouilly and Stéphane van Vliet. It is the tool that supports our project to be ambassadors for the wines from Provence because we have found that they are always underestimated or under-represented. To contribute at our humble level to the preservation of the environment and the health of our customers, we have chosen to favour producers involved in organic farming.

Prospecting & Selection
It all starts in the glass. Between February and June, when the new vintages arrive, we get in touch with as many winemakers as possible in the region whose production we appreciate. We then taste each cuvée and compare them with each other. In each price range, we then determine which bottle will be the most interesting to buy for our customers. This is how we constitute a selection that is intended to be surprising and renewed, counting in it, we hope, the best that can be done with respect for the nature of the person and taste.

Buy & Sell
Our offices are located in the heart of the village of Fayence, with our shop where we market our selection as wine merchants and consultants. We welcome you every day between 10.00am and 7.30pm to talk about wine and good weather. Organiwine is also a commercial agency that connects the domains it represents with buyers in quantity, whether they are individuals or professionals such as restaurateurs for example. For them, we organize tasting sessions allowing them to choose and order easily at the appropriate price. We ourselves come from the catering industry, we know how to support our partners in the development of their wine list and we always make sure to find the right solutions to meet all the expectations and constraints of the profession.

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