Verre à vin


Let's become partners in the permanent search for customer satisfaction!

As a professional, you already know that it is topical to integrate more and more organic references into your wine offer. For the environment, health and the image of his company. The organic farming sector is growing rapidly and enjoys increasing media coverage; customers now expect to be offered a satisfactory offer in this area.

  • Improve your image.
    If you run a restaurant for example and you practice local cuisine, based on fresh produce, from untreated local vegetable gardens; it would be inconsistent not to favour winemakers who are committed to a responsible approach regarding the environment. The mention "our selection of wines without herbicides or pesticides" will affirm and prove your commitment and mark your identity.
  • Improve your profitability.
    Organiwine offers wine solutions at the most attractive prices in this segment of the wine market (organic/Provence). We represent several producers in your sector; access through us to the best resellers rates. For the same amount of money you currently spend on your wines, we offer you a quality that we beleive to be superior. In our experience, offering an excellent organic wine at an attractive price encourages customers to order more (with moderation).

If you are the type of person who goes directly to the estates to choose your wines carefully, but you don't have enough time, we can do it for you. Enjoy what's the best out there and keep time to focus on your work and preserve your free time. As former restaurant owners we know exactly what you expect. We have travelled through Provence in search of the most successful vintages in years and only represent those that are of real taste interest. If you and your collaborators would like to appreciate the quality of this selection during a tasting, we would be happy to meet you to introduce you directly to these Provencal wineyards which are to distinguish by the excellence of their production.

Coteaux de provence